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Resolving Financial Matters Through A Divorce Mediator

Divorce concludes with financial decisions that are legally enforced. You want to ensure that your finances today and in the future are protected during the decision-making process, especially since money issues make the most bitter, most complex arguments in divorce.

Sadly, many divorcing couples find it difficult to see eye to eye when it comes to money, resulting in an exhausting divorce process and often unfair financial arrangements.

To rightfully resolve issues on finances and property, a mediated divorce is an ideal option for you.

Financial Arrangements: Advantages Of Divorce Mediation

There are many benefits of going through divorce mediation with your spouse, and these benefits are really felt when both of you are trying to agree on financial issues.

  • You take charge. The outcomes of a traditional litigated divorce are typically ordered by the court after a hearing. You and your spouse would each have to live by the court’s decisions on your financial matters. By contrast, mediation is a process where you and your spouse both have full control. Your mediator simply facilitates the discussion, but the resolution comes from both of you.
  • Sound decision-making. It’s only natural for a divorce to be an emotionally-charged process, but a mediator helps you and your spouse stay sensible. This is crucial during emotional times, when it can be easy to lose sight of the long-term future and make impulsive decisions that can be costly later on.
  • Fair and equitable agreement. The goal of mediation is to arrive at a resolution that both you and your spouse will be satisfied with. This is unlike a traditional divorce where each party is ready to battle it out and the party with the better lawyer wins. With a professional mediator, you can trust that the other party does not take advantage of your finances and vice versa.

Money And Property Issues Resolved In Mediation

There is no denying that money matters are complicated, so much more so between a couple that’s separating. But over and over again, mediated divorce has proven effective in peacefully settling such thorny issues. These are only some of the financial areas that divorcing couples have been able to agree on through mediation:

  • Alimony/Spousal support/Spousal maintenance
  • Child support
  • Division of marital debt
  • Family businesses
  • Joint accounts
  • Marital settlement
  • Property division
  • Retirement funds

If you have a financial concern in divorce that seems difficult, call us at Goldman Law and see how we can help you create a solution. We’ve handled exceedingly challenging money matters and have been able to find ways for our clients to agree with each other.

Why A Lawyer-Mediator Is Best For Money Issues

Money matters and the law are closely intertwined during the dissolution of a marriage. Most, if not all, of the financial issues tackled during divorce are hinge on laws and legal arrangements – from alimony to child support and even to the ownership of specific items. These laws serve as the fair, unbiased foundation for your money decisions, and are also the assurance that your final agreement with your spouse will be justly implemented.

These laws on family and finances, however, can be highly complex. It takes years of training and experience to fully understand and apply them to each unique case of divorce.

This is why a lawyer-mediator is best qualified to handle financial issues in divorce. With an in-depth knowledge of the law, he or she can help you navigate the maze of family and financial legalities, advising you on which decisions are more legally sound than others. This way, you and your spouse can arrive at an agreement that is not only fair but also favorable to both of you.

The mediators at Goldman Mediation Services have been trusted for a long time as family attorneys in Colorado. Let’s take a look at your financial divorce issues. Talk to us at (720) 845-6115 in Denver and (719) 445-7155 in Colorado Springs today.