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The Divorce Mediation Process

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The Process

Mediation is a relatively flexible process intended to suit the needs of you and your spouse. When you entrust Goldman Law for your divorce mediation, you can be sure that the process will be guided by our core principles:

    • Confidentiality. Divorce matters are sensitive and personal. Everything you entrust with us, from your initial phone call up to the final agreement, will be kept private between concerned parties only.
    • Fairness. As mediators, we keep the process balanced and unbiased. In this way, you are sure that your rights are not undermined by the other party, and vice versa.
    • Reasonableness. We are here to help you and your spouse make sensible decisions for your lives after the divorce. To do that, we strive to keep the procedure calm and logical.
  • Priority for those you care for. The welfare of your children is likely your top priority, and we make it ours, too. We help you make decisions geared towards your loved one’s best interests.

Here’s a glimpse of the procedure you can expect in Colorado divorce mediation with Goldman Law.

  • Initial correspondence. When you first get in touch with us at Goldman Law, whether by phone, email, or through our website contact form, we note your basic information and the preliminary details of your divorce matters. We’ll then provide you with an overview of the process and your next steps with us.
  • Contact with your spouse. In order to establish the neutrality of the process, we also need to speak with your spouse to make clear that we are assisting both of you. Typically, that party will have to initiate contact with us, as mediation is a voluntary process.
  • Mediation sessions.We schedule your first mediation session, where we lay out your divorce matters and the agenda to resolve them. The subsequent sessions are then scheduled every few of weeks or so, giving you time in between to reflect on your plans. On average, each mediation meeting lasts about two to four hours.The number of sessions depends on the complexity of the divorce matters we are resolving. Many cases conclude with just two or three meetings, and there are even some that need only a single session.
  • Writing the agreement. When you and your spouse have finally come to a resolution, we help you write it down in a document called the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). You will have time to review and revise this document with us so that it precisely reflects your final agreement with your spouse.
  • Last meeting. During our final meeting, we compile your signed MOU and other forms required by the Colorado court. Now that your mediation has concluded, we help you prepare for the final court process for your divorce.

A mediated divorce is a generally easier and shorter process than a traditional courtroom divorce. Mediation also produces the most ideal outcomes when it is conducted with professional mediators who are knowledgeable in family law.

If divorce mediation in Colorado sounds right for you, trust only the highly-rated professionals at Goldman Law. Talk to us at (720) 845-6115 in Denver and (719) 445-7155 in Colorado Springs today.