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Colorado Divorce Mediation FAQs

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Here are facts and answers to some questions you may have about mediated divorce in Colorado.

Is divorce mediation required in Colorado?

Some Colorado courts require divorce mediation before any court hearing, while others do not. Whether or not you and your spouse are required to mediate, it is better to self-refer to mediation early on, while workable options are still available and before disputes intensify.

How much does divorce mediation cost in Colorado?

A mediation session can be as affordable as $150 an hour (per couple, not per party). The entire mediation process can cost as low as $750, though a couple may have to pay more or less than depending on how their mediation proceeds. Regardless, mediation costs in Colorado are still much lower than divorce attorney retainers, which cost several thousand dollars right at the start.

Do I have to meet with my spouse for mediation?

Joint mediation sessions are highly encouraged, as physically meeting with your spouse and mediator produces the most conducive environment for discussions. However, individual or separate mediation sessions may be necessary in certain cases. We at Goldman Law can assure you that separate mediation sessions do not mean that your divorce mediation is failing; your circumstances may simply call for these individual sessions as part of the process.

In general, however, it is good to have at least one joint mediation session with your spouse.

What if my spouse lives outside the Denver area or outside Colorado?

Divorce mediation is still very much possible in this case. If your spouse cannot physically attend our sessions, Goldman Law can arrange video conferencing or telephone conferencing for you.

Do I need to bring anything to mediation?

Bring any documents that are relevant to your divorce issues. These may include:

  • Your completed financial affidavit
  • Copies of your recent pay stubs
  • Information on your assets, such as savings account numbers, automobile VINs, property descriptions, appraisals, and loan account information
  • Your child support worksheet.

Can we go through mediation without filing for divorce?

Yes! We at Goldman Law are happy to serve couples who would like to mediate first before considering divorce. Even if you have already decided to file for divorce but have not proceeded with the paperwork yet, you and your spouse can come to us for your mediation.

Can we go through mediation for divorce modification purposes?

Yes. Mediation is also a powerful tool to iron out changes in your divorce or child custody order. If you or your spouse feels that a modification is necessary, you can mediate to ensure that the proposed changes are agreeable with both parties.

When is mediation not recommended?

Though there are great benefits that divorce mediation provides for most couples, this process may not be suitable in cases where:

  • There is domestic violence
  • There is a significant imbalance of power between the two parties
  • There is a history of manipulation by either spouse
  • Mental health issues affect either spouse‚Äôs ability to participate in the process.

How can I be sure our mediator is neutral and unbiased?

To ensure neutrality, you and your spouse may choose your mediator together. Choose one who is certified to practice in Colorado and is from an independent firm with a good track record. Goldman Law is one of the most trusted family law firms in the state, backed by more than two decades of proven experience. Couples have consistently given us positive feedback for our professional assistance during their divorce.

What if mediation fails?

In a few cases, couples cannot find their resolutions in a mediated divorce. These cases have to proceed to court, where family experts help a judge make the decisions for the couple.


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