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A divorce does not always go smoothly, even when uncontested. As a matter of fact, the divorce process is full of conflicts and arguments, often drawing out the proceedings into a costly, time-consuming battle. When the divorce becomes extra difficult and the process hits a roadblock, divorce mediation is an ideal alternative.

Mediation is a legal process where an independent, neutral third party known as the mediator facilitates an agreement between divorcing parties. With mediation, separating and divorcing couples are able to take control of their lives and make sound decisions about their future without the court getting involved. It is particularly beneficial for parents, as they will still continue to make joint decisions about their children for years to come. It is also an advantageous solution for couples who only need to resolve a small number of issues in order to reach a divorce settlement.

While mediation can resolve all potential areas of a divorce, the four most common categories addressed by mediation are the division of assets and debts, parenting, child support, and spousal support. Such issues can be quickly and inexpensively addressed, minimizing distress and confusion for the entire family.

The Mediator’s Role

A mediator is a specially trained professional who facilitates the communication between a divorcing couple. Unlike a judge, the mediator does not give advice nor make decisions. Instead, the mediator helps the couple resolve any discussions about the divorce and helps them arrive at a fair and equitable agreement that satisfies both parties. When a couple gets off track and veers away from the relevant issues, the mediator keeps the couple focused on the matters at hand. A divorce mediator is a neutral party, and does not “work” for either party in a divorce.

Understanding the Mediation Process

The mediator and couple meet in a series of mediation sessions, which typically range from one to two hours long. In the initial meeting, both the mediator and couple identify all issues that need to be discussed and determine what information needs to be gathered. In subsequent sessions, discussions address the various issues and how they can be resolved in a manner that meets the needs of both parties. When all issues have been discussed and resolved, an agreement is drafted for review by each party and their attorneys, if any.

Mediation is a cooperative approach, and the process is a flexible one. These sessions may be conducted weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or however often the couple wishes to meet. The duration of mediation ultimately depends on the issues that the couple has already agreed to prior to mediation and the issues that are yet to be addressed. The success of these sessions also depends on the couple’s willingness to arrive at agreements and do what is in the children’s best interests.

It is important to note that mediation is a confidential process. While divorce in the court system is deemed public domain, mediation is private and is conducted behind closed doors. No court appearances are necessary, and there is no public record of the matters discussed in sessions.

Denver Divorce Mediators 

At Goldman Mediation, we understand the numerous challenges associated with divorce. We will work tirelessly to save you both time and money, help you work through complicated issues, and help develop an agreement that is best for all the parties involved. Our mediators are also attorneys, which means that we are not just well-versed in family and divorce law, but are also equipped to assist you with the filing of papers with court, preparing and filing disclosure documents, and drafting the final agreement.

At mediation sessions with our firm, we can help you with issues such as contested divorce, co-parenting, marital settlement, military divorce, child custody, child and spousal support, grandparent’s rights, visitation, property division, and division of marital debt.

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